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नीम करौली बाबा | नीब करोरी बाबा | neeb karori dham | Neem Karoli Dham Uttrakhand #rbtgvlog #vlog


Best 20 places to visit in Jaipur that you must visit

  Best 20 places to visit in Jaipur that you must visit For the sake of Jaipur otherwise known as "Pink City", every one of you will be very much educated. The capital of India's biggest state which is the objective of heavenly ghevar, dal baati churma and onion kachodi. Your enticing scene must have emerged in your mind as soon as you hear the name, right? The city is said to have been painted pink (ocher) in the joy of welcoming the prince of Wales and since then it came to be known as Pink City. The first thing that will come to your mind in Jaipur's sightseeing will be Hawa Mahal and of course it should also come because you are familiar with its incomparable beauty.   Jaipur Weather Jaipur is one of the hot areas, so if you are thinking of visiting here, then the months of October to February are quite appropriate as the weather is cool during this time. You have to bring a lot of warm clothes with you. It is better to enjoy it in summer than to come here and enj