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नीम करौली बाबा | नीब करोरी बाबा | neeb karori dham | Neem Karoli Dham Uttrakhand #rbtgvlog #vlog


Top 30 places to visit in Nainital

I am Rajkumar Baghel and I am a professional traveler and I am seeing you through my experience blog related to travel. Top 30 places to visit in Nainital Naini Lake Introduction of Nainital Nainital is situated in the midst of the pilgrimage of the Kumaon hills . The lake of Nainital has a great deal to offer the resort.  From sailing to the zoo taking care of creatures; From picnics on the slopes to traveling in the open rooftop inside Jim Corbett National Park , Nainital has everything you can find in an ideal tourist destination .   Nainital is set in two sections, Tallital and Mallital , with the separation of Naini Lake .  Tallital is the southern part of the lake, while Mallittal includes the northern upper compass. The city was ruined during the 1880 landslip, and later rebuilt by the British. It is famous for its lake, many types of birds in front of its eyes and famous educational organizations. Most visited places in Himachal Pradesh ......must read